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Review from abcdance

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A text written by Anna Trevisan on the debut of Re-thinking Repertory, a series of morning discussions that I was invited to curate and facilitate during B.Motion Danza 2023

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Jury Member

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Jury member for the Stories We Dance | International Video Dance contest and mentor of the Youth Jury at Fuori Formaro festival in Genova. 

EDN Support

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Supported by the European Dancehouse Network to attend the EDN Carte Blanche Artist Exchange on the theme of Arts & Accessibility that took place at Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino (Italy).

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Jury Member

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Jury member for the Leeds Screendance Competition together with Kyra Norman and Ada Solomon. 

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Roundtable discussion at A Piede Libero Mogliano Danza Duemila22 festival on the theme of "affectionate undergrowth" ("sottobosco affettuoso"): a metaphor to describe the independent performing arts ecosystem and discuss

the mechanisms in which it grows and gets nourished as well as its role as both a supporter and receiver of support inside the larger performing arts network.

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The World Premiere of POWER – The mAPs dance film collection took place in Lyon / France. Check the upcoming screenings: Université Lumière, Malakta Arts Factory, ZED Festival Internazionale Videodanza, Tanzrauschen, Les IRréels - Pôle Pixel, Cinedans Specials 2022, Short Waves Festival / Dances with Camera Extra, 12th Athens Avant Garde Film Festival.

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Guest Lecture under the title #DancingTogetherApart: The Screen as a Site for Belonging at ZED International Video Dance Festival [2021].

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An interview by Marcello Biscosi for the dance on screen section of Brindisi Dance Film Festival that has been curated by Ariadne Mikou, Elisa Frasson, Valentina Moar and Vito Alfarano. 

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Online guest-lecturing under the title The Role of Screendance Festivals in the European Mediterranean at The Place | London Contemporary Dance School as part of the module Presenting Screendance Work.

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DANCE+SCREEN amidst covid-19: SCREENDANCE AS A PRACTICE FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, a free online event as part of the mAPs [migrating Artists Project] activities for engaging communities. 

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Lightning Talk

Where we dance now_Paper panels and ligh


A group presentation of the upcoming co-authored publication A Forum of Questions for Active Viewing, Learning and Creating on Screen(s) During a Global Pandemic  at the International Journal of Screendance (vol.12).

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Dance on Screen & the 'Re-'



Online guest-lecturing at Dipartimento delle Arti, Università di Bolognaas part of the module

Teorie e Poetiche della Danza.


*still image of the internal window from Well Contested Sites by Amie Dowling and Austin Forbord.

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