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Students' work at Asolo Art Film Festival

online 20.07-25.07.2020

The works of the students who have been mentored at the conclusion of the screendance workshop SOMA.CI(TY)NEMA at Iuav -Teatro e Arti Performative will be available online as part of the program Affioramenti of the Asoloartfilmfestival.

Power & Mutation in Greek Society

A Creative Europe project [2019-2022]

The official presentation of a collaborative film with Konstantina Bousmpoura that is supported by mAPs - Migrating Artists Project, a socially-oriented collective co-funded by Creative Europe.

Roundtable on ‘Home Makers’: On Sound, Space and Site-Specific art-making.

International Online Theatre Festival 2020

Listen to ELLA PARRY-DAVIES, researcher and facilitator of the series of
soundwalks ‘Home Makers’ in a conversation with artist-researcher ARIADNE MIKOU and the co-artistic director of IOTF GABRIEL VIVAS-MARTINEZ.


Centro Teatrale di Ricerca, Venice [09-10/05/2020] > cancelled <

This workshop is about offering a thorough training of the body through anatomically informed processes and using this information in order to explore choreography as movement and writing composition. 


IUAV University of Venice - Department of Theatre & Performing Arts [13/14.01 & 20/21.01.2020]

The screendance workshop under the title SOMA.CI(TY)NEMA aims to bring in dialogue the moving body (SOMA), the urban landscape (CITY) and the moving image (CINEMA) in a process of creating a series of site-specific dance events and rendering the practice of capturing movement into an event, loosely defined here as movement and action in space. 


Dance Days Chania (GR) 19–22/07/2019

The workshop focuses on observation and documentation techniques, choreo-spatial practices and tools that are drawn from the fields of anthropology, architecture, and dramaturgy in order to revise the body-space relationship.

Jury member for the STORIES WE DANCE contest

Fuori Formato - Festival di Danza e Videodanza [25-28/06/2019]

Invited to co-assign the Stories We Dance_2019 Videodance Awards and to participate at the roundtable Videodanza: proiezioni dal reale both curated by the Augenblick collective for FuoriFormato - Festival Internazionale di danza contemporanea e videodanza

NoBody Building in New York City

SHEEN CENTER, East Village [23/05/2019]

NoBody Building is a short screendance which has been selected for the film section of IDACO (Italian DAnce COnnection).




This series of lectures is an attempt to outline the history of Modern and Contemporary dance in Greece by presenting the main issues that dance artists have addressed, their relationship and their rupture with what could mean Greek identity. What can we observe about the cultural, social and political frameworks of Greece of the 20th century through the analysis of the dancing body? Starting from the beginning of the 20th century and the revival trends of the Greek ideal, this series will culminate with the dance artists' vision of finding and establishing the Greek Dance Identity in order to arrive at the rupture of the generation of the 90s with the previous dance regime.


Centro Teatrale di Ricerca, Venice [16-17/02/2019]

This workshop is about offering a thorough training of the body through anatomically informed processes and using this information in order to explore choreography as movement and writing composition. 


Biennale Educational 2018: from 16.10 to 28.10

Inspired by the adaptable architecture of Francis Kéré, we are applying playful ideas to the interdisciplinary workshop between Dance & Architecture that currently takes place at the Educational Program of La Biennale di Venezia. Every day a bunch of children visit the amazing site of Arsenale and together we explore how to invent, access, organise and negotiate [FREESPACE]!



DSA Annual Conference

Contra: Dance & Conflict at the University of Malta [July 2018]

Chairing the session Critical Muliticulturalisms in the UK and presenting the paper Bodies in Confined Sites as part of the panel Conflict Within Mediterranean Dances.


Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, Venice [2018]

Discussing about 'Trisha Brown: Danza, Archivio, Trasmissione' together with Abigail Yager (UNCSA/USA) and Susanne Franco (Ca' Foscari University of Venice/Italy).

[Photo: Matteo De Fina. © Palazzo Grassi]


Liceo Coreutico di Palermo [January 2018]

Movement workshop for aspiring professional dancers at the Secondary Public School of Arts “REGINA MARGHERITA” [Italy].

Tracing, Transforming, Sharing

Choreographic Score (2017)

Devised by Ariadne Mikou with contributions by Colleen Bartley, Carol Breen, Marie-Louise Crawley, Bahar Fattahi, Paula Guzzanti, Rebecca Marta D'Andrea, Tia-Monique Uzor, Maria Gabriela Lopez Yanez, Aska Sakuta. 

Discussing Theatrical Conventions & Embodying History

Lectures at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (2017)

Invited as Visiting Lecturer to teach topics such as 'Merce Cunningham. A Springboard to Discuss Theatrical Conventions' and 'Postmodern Dance & Embodying History'. The lectures were part of the module Perspectives on Dance [Professional Development program on Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, U.K.].

Choreographing the Camera

Workshop for the Camera at the University of Roehampton (2017)

Choreographic Scores for a Mover, a Camera and an Observer delivered as part of the Mediated Choreography module at the University of Roehampton (U.K.).

Re/Non Positioning

Discussion (2016)

Discussion through the use of Open Space Technology about Positioning in relation to dance studies and expanded choreography, as these fields take shape across the geopolitical areas of the UK and the rest of Europe. An exploration of what dance – with its fluctuating yet clearly situational form – can offer to an understanding of positioning as a socio-political practice. Facilitated by Elisa Frasson & Ariadne Mikou during the PGR Un-Symposium at C-DaRE, Coventry University (U.K.).

The discussion will take again place during the Dance Fields Conference where we will be joined by Betina Panagiotara and Arabella Stanger.

Haptic Screen Encounters

Paper Presentation (2016)

The proposed paper is an attempt to offer the theoretical frame of the practice-as-research project called Anarchitextures (2016) and to produce an interdisciplinary theory derived from my practice. The paper was presented at the Light Moves Screendance Symposium (2016) and at Journées d' études 2017 "Installations" (Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne).


A one-day research event (2016)

Positioning is a one-day research event dedicated to questions around the meaning of 'positioning' during the age of digital ubiquity, cultural mobility, and economic instability. The event was organised by Elisa Frasson, Ariadne Mikou and Betina Panagiotara with the support of Dr. Arabella Stanger and Roehampton Dance.

Glimpses and Visions on European Contemporary Dance

A collaborative project (2015)

An educational project with focus on Contemporary Dance under the direction of choreographer Chiara Bortoli. The project was held at Liceo F. Corradini di Thiene (IT) and it was part of the Erasmus+ Project Find Your Way Through Art, an international exchange between schools from Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain. My small contribution consisted of suggesting and briefly analysing two recent choreographic works that I consider significant for the development of European Contemporary Dance in the new millennium. 

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