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Dance Review [2023]

Christos Papadopoulos: Mellowing. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Dance Review [2023]

Salvo Lombardo / Chiasma: Sport. Available at: Springback Magazine


Dance Review [2023]

Karrasekare by Igor x Moreno. Available at: Springback Magazine


Festival reflections [2023]

Oriente Occidente Festival 2023: Layers of Invisibility Calling for Actions. Ways of seeing vis-à-vis the performances at Oriente Occidente. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Festival Review [2023]

Dance Days Chania 2023: The Conscious Body. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Dance Review [2023]

Dimitris Mytilinaios: Repair. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Festival Review [2023]

Fuori Programma Rome: focus on Israel. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Dance Review [2023]

Simona Bertozzi: ONDE. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Interview with Valentina Marini [2023]

Orbita – Rome’s Contemporary Dance Season. Available at: Springback Magazine.


Festival Diary [2022]

Oktoberdans Diary Route 2 . In: Assembly at Oktoberdans International Dance Festival  22. Available at: Springback Magazine.

Dance Review [2022]

Eleonora Siarava: BLUE BEYOND. Available at: Springback Magazine


Festival Review [2022]

Place of Freedom? B.Motion 2022. Available at: Springback Magazine


Festival Review [2022]

Presente Future 2022. Available at: Springback Magazine

Interview with Polina Kremasta [2022]

Project “Mnemedance” | Collection Mnemedance (#Mnemedance16). Available at: Mnemedance


Artist Presentation [2022]

Dance of the Year (Trajal Harrell) | Asteroide Amore. Available at: Teatro Ca' Foscari.


An informal discussion with Italian Choreographer Roberto Castello [2021]

On Dance, Politics and Dance as Labour. Available at: The Theatre Times

Dance Festival Review [2020]

ConFormazioni Dance Festival 2020. Reporting from Sicily. Available at: The Theatre Times


Interview with Davide Bombana [2020]

The Newly Appointed Director of the Corps de Ballet of Teatro Massimo in Palermo. Available at: The Theatre Times


Dance Review [2020]

Choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet at Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo. Available at: The Theatre Times

International Online Theatre Festival 2020 Review [2020]

A Glimpse into the Physical Theatre Performances. Available at: The Theatre Times


Dance on Screen Review [2019]

Three Moments from the 58th International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia. Available at: The Theatre Times.

Dance Film-Documentation Review [2019]

"Palermo Palermo." Now, Then & After. Available at: The Theatre Times.

Exhibition Review [2019]

Isadora Duncan and “The Figurative Arts in Italy”. Available at: The Theatre Times.

Opera Review [2019]

WINTER JOURNEY by Ludovico Einaudi / Colm Tóibin / Roberto Andò. Available at: CultureVulture.

Dance Review [2019]

“Annunciation” by Angelin Preljocaj and “Siciliana” by Kor’sia Company. Available at: CultureVulture & The Theatre Times.

Academic Contributions


Mikou Ariadne [2022] 'Meta-Choreographies' Between the Desktop and the StageIn: International Journal of Screendance, Vol.13 pp. 15-28.


Mikou Ariadne [2021] A Casual Meditation for Anywhere and Anytime. In: Moving Spaces. Enacting Dance, Performance, and the Digital in the Museum edited by Susanne Franco and Gabriella Giannachi. Edizioni Ca' Foscari. 

Mikou, Ariadne in collaboration with Elisa Frasson, Marisa C. Hayes, Marco Longo, Katja Vaghi [2021] A Forum of Questions for Active Viewing, Learning and Creating on Screen(s) During a Global Pandemic. In: International Journal of Screendance, Vol.12 pp. 240-255. 


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pp. 106-114.


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