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ariadne mikou

I am an interdisciplinary artist and researcher working as choreographer, curator, videographer, movement educator and dance performer. My practice includes making and writing about installations, mediated dance performances and works created for the screen. My research interests lie in interdisciplinary and experimental practices across dance, architecture, visual arts and media with focus on the social and body-spatial forms emerged from the intersection of expanded choreography, architecture and the screen. In 2018, I was awarded my PhD in Interdisciplinary Choreographic Research from the University of Roehampton, which was fully funded by a university scholarship.


Since 2011, I am co-founder of futuremellon/NOT YET ART, an art-research roaming collective which enables me to choreograph relationships between artists and embark on curatorial explorations, such as the [SET. me free] Dance & Movement on Screen (2016-2020), a platform focused on screendance curation, education and mentoring. My own works have been presented in several countries and in various venues such as Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015 at PQ Show & Tell (CZ); Schiume Festival of Performing Arts 2013 (IT); Undisciplining Dance Symposium (NZ); International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy (FR); Light Moves Screendance Symposium (IRL); La Danza in 1 minuto video-dance contest (2014); Athens Video Art Festival 2009 (GR) & Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki (GR); The Experimental Media and Movement Arts (EMMA) Lab & IDACO NYC (USA). From  2020 to 2022, I was supported by Creative Europe’s Migrating Artists Project-Challenging Dance and Cinema across Europe (mAPs) for co-creating a dance film on the theme of POWER. The mAPs film collection of the entire project has been presented in venues a.o. the 12th Avant-Garde Film Festival (GR); Short Waves ISFF (PL); Cinedans + Screendance IMZ (NL).


As a dance performer, I have been selected to attend the Arsenale della Danza Master Class program of the Biennale of Venice (2011, 2012) where I have been exposed to Central European dance aesthetics that further inform my moving and teaching practice. From 2006 to 2008, I studied Contemporary Dance Technique with Abigail Yager and Ming-Lung Yang, who are former members of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, and both of them have influenced me in profound ways. I have performed reconstructions of Trisha Brown's works under the direction of Abigail Yager, and I have also collaborated a.o. with Bojana Cvejic and Christina De Smedt (Spatial Confessions, Tate Modern, UK), Ismael Ivo (Biennale of Venice, IT/BR), Virgilio Sieni (Biennale of Venice / Arte Del Gesto Nel Mediterraneo, IT), Laura Boato (a.o. Festival Oriente Occidente, IT), Vito Alfarano (Moving the City/Biennale of Venice, IT), Ming-Lung Yang (Riffe Center Theatre, USA),  Norah Zuniga-Shaw (EMMA Lab, USA) and several Greek dance companies: Xsoma Dance Company, Drosa Maza, Dame Blanche.


I have been invited to teach as Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Dance at the University of Roehampton (UK), Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (UK) and IUAV University of Venice in subjects such as Creating Events SpacesMediated Choreography, Perspectives on Dance and Screendance. From 2007-2009 I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship for teaching at the Elective Dance Program of The Ohio State University (USA). My teaching experience also includes courses in Contemporary Dance Technique, Dance Composition, Dance Theory and Dance Pedagogy gained in contexts such as the Department of Choreography at Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music and several Greek Dance and Drama Conservatories. In 2021, I was awarded a Research Grant for the Creative Europe project Dancing Museums-The Democracy of Beings from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice where I also worked as a Research Assistant for the SPIN project Memory in Motion: Re-Membering Dance History (2019–2022).


My articles and reviews about experimental and interdisciplinary choreographic practices have been published in peer-reviewed international journals and book anthologies and I am currently collaborating with Culture Vulture, a site for arts journalism on the internet, the global theatre portal The Theatre Times and Springback Magazine.


Also, I have a long-standing experience in transferring movement ideas and principles to adults and children inside community-based environments. During 2016, I became a Certified Contakids Instructor in order to transmit to young children and their guardians alternative ways of experiencing movement.  

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2013 - 2018  Practice-as-Research PhD 

Department of Dance, University of Roehampton, London (UK)

2012 & 2011 Arsenale della Danza Master Class Program

La Biennale di Venezia, Italy


2006 - 2009 Master of Fine Arts in Dance

Department of Dance, The Ohio State University (USA)

2001 - 2004 Dance Teacher Diploma

Ministry of Culture (Greece)


1998 - 2001 & 2004 - 2006 Diploma (joined Bachelor's and Master's Degree) in Architecture 

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Grants & Awards

2021 Research Grant from Ca' Foscari University of Venice (IT)

2016 Glynne Wickham Scholarship (UK) 

2013 - 2016 Postgraduate Bursary/Scholarship

Department of Dance, University of Roehampton, London (UK)

2007-2008 Graduate Teaching Assistantships Award

Department of Dance, The Ohio State University (USA)

2008 Rosalind Pierson Scholarship

Department of Dance, The Ohio State University (USA)

2007 Scholarship Recipient of the American Dance Festival (USA)

2006 - 2009 Scholarship Recipient of IKY

The State Scholarship Foundation of Greece


For more details on academic publications please visit:


2015  IMPACT15 >ACTIVE INGREDIENTS<  PACT Zollverein, Essen (GERMANY) funded by Kunststiftung NRW

2010  International ChoreoLab Austria funded by Danube University Krems



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