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Concept & Direction: Ariadne Mikou
In Collaboration With: Luigi Ambrosio, futuremellon/not yet art

Technical Assistants: Chara Panayi, Andrew Sanger

Prepared Venue for Unprepared Audience premiered in Michaelis Theatre at The University of Roehampton, London, U.K..

Prepared Venue for Unprepared Audience is an invitation to encounter space through a choreographic process of un-layering the theatre and the theatrical representation. Prepared Venue for Unprepared Audience, a choreographic practice summarised as creation through destruction, questions how can we turn spaces into events through choreographic thinking and how to experience architecture as movement.


The choreographic event Prepared Venue for Unprepared Audience derives from the notion of demolition defined as un-doing, un-layering or de-constructing, specifically in relation to theatrical conventions dependent on spatial restrictions. In this experiment, demolition can be seen as a transgression of the disciplines of architecture, choreography and dance and as a choreographic proposition for intervening in the theatrical space of a Black Box Theatre. Choreography as organisation of a series of encounters and transformations sets the frame for the invited participants to produce individual spatial experiences. In Prepared Venue for Unprepared Audience the visitors are engaged in a process of spacing, where the gerund assigns to space notions of becoming, transformation and change occurring through the encounter of the moving body with space. By cancelling the traditional use of auditorium as a place where public is gathered to witness collectively performance events, the visitor has the agency to act upon the space of theatre. In this way, the participants are involved in a process of space and theatre-making where choreography and architecture are intertwined with time in a process of continuous transformation and social encounter. 

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