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This is how the methodology of Contakids started 5 years ago...:as an informal and playful dance between a father and his daughter during the warm up for a contact improvisation jam in Ibiza. Today Contakids is an established methodology being taught in many different parts of the world.

Contakids is a fun movement experience between parents and children that aims to provide tools for playing in a safe way and through physical contact. The benefits of this playful interaction are numerous, but the most important comprises the child’s healthy development of motor skills and reflexes. Through tactility and experiential learning-by-doing the child gradually becomes more independent and responsible towards the self and the others.

As Itay Yatuv, teacher, practitioner of Contact Improvisation and founder of ContaKids International, proposes: It is a ‘methodology that pushes the idea of using physical contact to develop a deeper form of communication between parents and their children, that both will find enjoyable. By working with bodily movements, the child can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while the parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young’.

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