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A silent choreography for an all-ages audience with headphones

Text: Ariadne Mikou
Voice: Katja Vaghi

Collective Tour was presented as a work-in-progress at A Piede Libero Mogliano Danza Duemila22 festival (Italy).

Exploring architecture, choreography and their in-between space as opportunities for community building, COLLECTIVE TOUR is an experiment in participatory headphoned choreography in public space. Headphoned instructions invite participants to engage together in choreographic actions and small-scale urban interventions. How can an audio-score facilitate an instant choreography performed by everyday people in carefully selected urban sites? How can community bonding be enhanced through the interpretation of a choreographically devised audio-score and how can an impromptu orchestration of everyday gestures become performative? With these questions in mind, this project seeks to open directly to the city as a theatrical stage full of opportunities for social interaction and to explore the connection between space and place in alternative ways.

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