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student work: Tea Dances by Anna Noonan [MFA 2016 University of Roehampton] 

As dance is created inside a specific space, this workshop aims to acknowledge the impact of space in choreographic making and explore how space can alter though choreographic devices and technological inputs in order to be re-perceived, re-experienced and act as a creative ‘collaborator’ in dance making. Choreography, as a general term that involves organising and threading relationships that not necessarily involve movement, is questioned, along with its conjunction with architecture and technology, towards the emergence of choreographic environments. Leaving aside the spectacular manifestations of technology and concentrating on artistic urgencies and dramaturgies, during the workshop the use of technology does not become a necessity or a goal, but rather a medium to explore, engage with, play and interact, get angry, frustrated or get in love... Architectural concepts and performance theories and philosophies on body, space and mediated performance also provide the ground for questioning the possibilities for transforming the surrounding space. Questions that we deal with concern:

How can we re-produce architectural space choreographically?

What is to occupy space?

How space becomes visible? How space changes and how the performer responds, acts and interacts with it?


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